Pool Finishes


Plaster is the most common pool finish. Made from a mixture of cement and sand, it's available in a number of different colors and shades. Each of these different colors yields a slightly different water color when finished. With that being said, J. Hock's design team can help you select the best color that fits both your personal preferences and the overall landscape of your backyard.


"White Blended Cement"



"PlasterScapes" - Colored plaster

ps_deep_turquoise_big_0Deep Turquise
ps_blue_harbor_bigBlue Harbor
ps_deep_seafoam_green_bigDeep Seafoam Green
ps_stormy_seas_bigStormy Seas
ps_seafoam_green_bigSeafoam Green
ps_deep_stormy_seas_big_0Deep Stormy Seas
ps_deep_sky_blue_bigDeep Sky Blue
ps_deep_blue_harbor_bigDeep Blue Harbor
ps_sky_blue_bigSky Blue


Pebble pool finishes have gained popularity in recent years. They’re an attractive alternative to your typical plaster finish. This resurfacing option is comprised of small pebbles embedded in concrete, creating a more natural look to your swimming pool or spa. A wide variety of colors can be achieved to reach your desired natural looking pool service. Some new options we offer from Finest Finish in Arizona, are the Micro Fusion and Radiant Fusion blends that closely relate to standard pebble, but hold a more smooth overall finish surface.

StoneScapes Learn more

StoneScapes_CaribbeanBlueCaribbean Blue
StoneScapes_SaltPepperStone Scapes
StoneScapes_AquaCoolAqua Cool
StoneScapes_AquaBlueAqua Blue
StoneScapes_AquaWhiteAqua White
StoneScapes_TropicsBlueTropics Blue
StoneScapes_MidnightBlueMidnight Blue
StoneScapes_TahoeBlueTahoe Blue

Finest Finish Blends - (micro /radiant fusion) Learn more

Micro%20French%20Grey Radiant%20Regal%20Blue Micro%20White Radiant%20Silver%20Lining Micro%20Laguna Micro%20Lakeside Radiant%20Indigo%20Crush Micro%20Tahoe Radiant%20Blue%20Frost Radiant%20Pearl

Quartz Blends

Our quartz blends offered are another healthy alternative to both the standard plaster and pebble finishes. Whether you are looking for quartz simply as a strengthener to add longevity and durability to your pool or you are looking for a color enhancement, we offer options to address both. Please feel free to give us a call to talk about any Quartz options in more detail.

QuartzScapes Learn more

QS_TahoeBlueTahoe Blue
QS_SuperBlueSuper Blue
QS_FrenchGrayFrench Gray
QS_MarinerBlueMariner Blue
QS_MidnightBlueMidnight Blue

Sparkle Quartz Learn more

sparkle-black sparkle-french sparkle-laguna sparkle-white sparkle-irish sparkle-cool sparkle-sand sparkle-carribean sparkle-lakeside sparkle-tropical sparkle-tahoe sparkle-pacific

I would like to take the opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for a job well done. Both my wife and I were impressed with how you company handled the re-plastering and re-tiling of our pool. – Rob and Sandy Everett