J. Hock Services

Whether you are looking for a new pool or you want to remodel your existing one, J. Hock can help. With over thirty years of experience in the pool industry, we offer all the services to deliver the pool of your dreams.

Pool Remodeling & Resurfacing

Give your pool or spa a complete make over. We specialize in both commercial and residential pool remodeling. J. Hock can make your old pool or spa look brand new again.


Pool owners consider remodeling for many reasons. Many are interested to upgrade the look of their pool and yard. Others are addressing issues such as leaks or cracks that can happen to older pools.  J. Hock pools offers a full-range of pool and spa remodeling services. From re-plastering your pool in it's existing shape, to making size alterations or adding dramatic water features and spa elements.

J. Hocks skilled workers handle every aspect of your remodel, from demolition and debris disposal, to guiding you through the design process, selecting new tile, accents and finishes.

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There's more to choosing the right pool tile then you think. When doing a remodel, or installing a brand new pool, you should think about what looks good now, and how it will look a few years down the road. J. Hock's experienced designers can help you select a tile that works with the design of your pool, and your homes style and landscaping.

Resurfacing & Replastering

Are you experiencing fading, surface peeling, or rough spots throughout your swimming pool or spa? If so, it may be time to look into our many options for resurfacing pool finishes. J Hock Pool Plastering & Remodeling offers a variety of options from some of the top material suppliers on the West Coast . Whether you go with traditional plaster, or an upgrade to quartz or pebble, we can ensure that top tier material and the correct mix ratios will be used to promote long term durability and customer satisfaction.

On top of providing the industry standard White and Colored plasters, Quartz Blends, and Pebble Finishes, we also offer some newer finishes to the industry from Finest Finish. These new finishes of “Micro Fusion” and “Radiant Fusion” offer another resurfacing option most closely related to both the standard and glass pebble finishes. The difference is that both Micro and Radiant Fusion offer a smoother overall finish when compared to a standard pebble.


Choosing the right equipment for your pool is critical for maintaining the quality of workmanship for years to come. Combining the newest variable speed pumps, and the right filtration system means easy maintenance and crystal clear water. J. Hock Pools can help you review your options, such as salt water, diatomaceous earth or sand filters, in-floor popups or vacuum systems, as wells as heating options. Our experienced team can put together the right system for your pools shape, size and location.

Remodeling is a great time to review the condition of your existing pool filtration system. Our experts can show you the latest energy-efficient options to keep your pool clean and lower your electric bill.

New Pools

There’s a lot to consider when installing a new pool. Working with an experienced team of designers and builders is the best way to insure you get the most from your investment. Our professionals will patiently guide you through every step of the process. From selecting the right shape and layout of your pool, to carefully considering often overlooked aspects, such as nearby vegetation and landscaping, J. Hock Pools will be with you each step.

Our team of builders is licensed and bonded - and most importantly experienced. We handle every step from permits to excavation, and filtration to hard scaping.

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Thank you so much, your guys did a great job on the pool! It looks beautiful like a brand new pool! -Tony and Gina